Konduit comments on CBS 60 Minutes article aired on March 9, 2014 “The Data Brokers: Selling Your Personal Information

Individuals may want to share their information gathering habits so they can be targeted for the things they “Like”, but when it comes to mission-critical business data, most businesses rely on expensive information systems to manage their transactions.  

Outsourcing the hosting of these types of applications come in a variety of business models from “intranets” to “managed services” to a variety of “X as a Service”-models.  Unfortunately, most small business entrepreneurs who can benefit most from these cost-effective solutions fail to distinguish marketing-based business models from subscription-based pricing models.

CBS 60-Minutes was talking about marketing-based pricing models.  These are the ones that offer “free” trial subscriptions without any initial outlay of cash.

Data sharing has been talked about in the context of security for some time.  But while social media, buying online, and now electronic medical records grab the headlines, little attention is paid to online business services like FREE email and FREE emailing hosts, FREE cloud storage,  and FREE database hosts.  You really have to look over those agreements before clicking OK.



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