The Holy Grail of software products is a tool that empowers the individual to “build it themselves.”  Spreadsheets, WordPress, and SharePoint seem to lead in that space.  There is no shortage of software.   You can search the Internet for software applications only to discover that most solutions are so focused and simplistic, they hardly do anything.  You can spend six months to learn how to build your application, only to spend the next six months upgrading it for the next release, until the vendor “sunsets” your platform to make way for the Next Big Thing.

To make software useful requires people who understand your business.  Unfortunately, staffing or finding a consultant who knows the particular language, libraries, or tools that your application is built upon is no small task.  This is made even more challenging by the ever-improving offers by old and new vendors.  Technical recruiters and HR people  struggle with defining the skills needed because there are literally hundreds of ways to build a business software application.  There really are no “standards”.

What businesses are lacking is standards, real standards.  Imagine what software industry “standards” would read like if they were applied to the construction industry.

Pipe Fittings.  Available in a variety of materials, you can connect your toilet to your water source by configuring your tank prefilter with any number of other Open Source materials.  After extruding the material through your 3D printer and threading the connectors with just about any threading tool, you can form the outer casing to fit your team’s own wrench set.  For a fee, we can provide you with our wrench set.

Wall Components.    We give you everything you need to build your own house.   Solid Pine logs in standard lengths can be trimmed to any dimension using freely available Open Source band saws.  They can easily be bound together with your choice of off-the-shelf components including rope,  tar, steel shanks (headed or headless), and leather trimmings.

Electrical Wiring.   Our professional installers can get you up and running in no time.  We work in one metal (copper, aluminum, brass), use only certified Acme parts, and will give you copyright and patents on every bend and connection made throughout your house.

In my article “I Want To Own My Own Software — Really?“, I reference an mock interview dialog called “If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers“.


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