Bluetooth Beacons in Retail and Howler gave a webinar on the state of the market for Bluetooth beacons.  Howler said hundreds of Beacons have been deployed for city-scape retailers in Boston, Las Vegas, and San Diego.  They reported over 50% conversion rates for customer’s walking by responding to real time notifications.  The user has to install the Howler app on their smart phone so it can read the Beacons, but they are not retailer-specific, so the medium seems to be an attractive channel for advertisers in boutique retail and restaurants.  Howler advertisements can include a URL to drive traffic from the alert to other content.

Driving responses to mobile ads triggered by physical presence to URL content creates the need for real time content management to offer specials, coupons, and chalk-board menu adjustments.  The K-Mart “Blue-Light” special just got upgraded! A new generation will know it as the “Blue-Tooth” special!

Konduit can manage URL-accessed content in real time.

Purchasing Software Without Testing It

So I came across this listing for a freelancer:

I already have purchased a complete POS software with source code built in .NET that uses Access for database. The POS software has 3 programs which are fully working. The server, client and PDA software. The software is fully functional but is not very user friendly and does not have proper reporting features, it can not complete a sale etc..

This person is really fooling himself.  A Point of Sale (POS) software package that “cannot complete a sale” would not be very usable for anything.  Perhaps it just needs some configuration changes, but if you didn’t buy that software with professional services of the person who developed it, then there is not much another developer will be able to do.  Unless you want to pay them to learn the source code and then strive to keep their interest without paying them full time, you will be soon out of luck (see “I Want to Own…” article).

Packaged software solutions used to run your unique business should include professional services to install and configure it.  You can read the manual of course.  But that is the same with anything.  You hire professionals to install new electrical or plumbing fixtures.  Why try to build and maintain software for running your business?

Hire a professional.  The results will be much more satisfactory.